We ensure business continuity for our clients

From philanthropists to the World Health Organization, all are out there trying to solve the Coronavirus crisis. Worldwide, organizations are reacting to this outbreak in different capacities and working towards the wellbeing of their employees and clients. We, at Pramati Technologies are no exception. In times like this, along with the employees and the community, customers are also our primary concern. We are on the bandwagon to provide timely precautionary measures to our employees and assure business continuity for our clients. This announcement is to explain our preparedness in handling the situation.

Restricted travel

Our business teams have restricted travels to client locations, due to the National and Global travel advisories. Till date, our offshore centres in India are fully functional with appropriate preventive measures. Our business response team is fully equipped to handle the situation. Most of our day to day collaboration is on the cloud, which ensures smoother flow of communications. In addition, video conferencing and chat applications have never been more helpful.

Hygiene & awareness among employees

Sanitization of the location is closely monitored to ensure that the health advisory is strictly adhered to. Apart from this, we are taking utmost care in creating awareness of hygiene and preventive measures among our employees via multiple online and on-floor campaigns.

Checklist of the do's and don’ts is provided, along with organization wide employee briefing as a precautionary measure. Our communication plan includes a combination of emails, intranet postings, posters, FAQs, and more.

Safe work practices

Our business continuity plans are aligned with operational resiliency, which has helped us to quickly build our plans to face this unforeseen global emergency. To reassure our clients and partners, we have established location wise and client wise point of contacts. The details will be communicated to the clients directly.

Business continuity plans

Pramati Technologies is known for its customer commitment. We recognize that our customers are experiencing disruptions as well. We assure that we have taken the greatest care in handling business operations. We leave no stone unturned in delivering superior service and assure that we will deliver work as promised in spite of any re-adjustments like WFH.

Preventive and disaster recovery mechanisms are in place. Our engineers are aware and they strictly adhere to the organization's business continuity policies. Further, if you have any specific requirements, in terms of addressing the situation, please inform us through your point of contact or fill in the form given below. We hope to answer all your questions.

Rapid response team

We have set up a cross-functional rapid response team consisting of senior management, function heads and employees to quickly respond to any eventuality. They are empowered to take quick decisions to ensure the safety and well being of our employees and customers.

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